Renegade Patriot Knives

Handmade knives from start to finish, using only high quality materials. We have several styles for you to choose from, and we also take custom orders whether your wanting different combinations of our stock options, or a custom from scratch knife design we can make the perfect knife for you! 


RP Knives

RP Knives started as a simple activity to help keep founder Alex Eisenberg's mind occupied during a time of grief. Since then it has grown into a company with a simple purpose; to build the toughest knives available while maintaining that timeless, traditional Americana style we all love.

The Name RP spurred from an idea Eisenberg had with close friend Ryan Derr. Tragically Ryan passed away before their original idea moved forward. In honor of his friend, Eisenberg decided to use the name for his new venture and thus began RP Knives.  

Ryan Patrick Derr was an Army veteran, having served three tours in Iraq, and received numerous medals including the Valor Medal.

    Some of my most cherished memories with my friend are memories of time we spent outdoors. I hope these tools can be part of adventures and memories of people all over the world and that they are passed down for generations to come


          In Loving Memory of Ryan Patrick Derr